Shen (maniacalshen) wrote,

I witnessed something crazy today

I turned 25 on Monday. Appropriately enough, things have only gone downhill since then. Work currently feels like it has all the stability of being employed by a pair of Batman villains, and that's raised my anxiety a lot, leaving me in a state of agitation beyond mere distraction. I couldn't even properly enjoy my last drawing class (a noncredit intro course) and resorted to shouting along with extra-loud metal on the way home, taking the longest path so as to prolong the music therapy.

But, you know, things could be worse. Like they are for a girl I encountered earlier.

In brief: I saw a gnarly accident on the highway this morning.

So, I was driving along at too-early o' clock. On the four-lane highway, I was in the third lane from the right, and maybe seven car-lengths ahead of me was a Cadillac STS, a silver sedan. A green sedan ZOOMED past me on the left, got between the STS and me, and bore down on him hard. I guess she hit the brakes, because she didn't leave much damage on the Cadillac, but she tapped his bumper. All I saw at the time was that she got super close to him, at which point smoke burst from the undercarriage of her car.

She lost control, veered left into the median, smacked into the jersey wall, and bounced. The vehicle rolled several times - at least three - in the other direction and came to a stop, upside down.

There was this surreal moment as I drove past, her rolling vehicle briefly pacing mine as it shredded itself in slow-motion. My eyes and mouth cartoonishly agog.

Needless to say, I pulled over and called 911. But thank goodness for the huge median in that section of the highway! If not for it, she would have rolled into traffic. As it was, she was sitting in the shoulder.

As it happened, a nurse and a fire dept member were also on their way in to work and pulled over, so I was totally unneeded for first aid. I just kinda stood there, listening to an older teenaged girl cry, noted the fact that she was conscious (if not super coherent) and not bleeding excessively and occasionally kicking her feet (thus not paralyzed), and waited for the state troopers so I could give a statement.

Other unpleasant stuff happened after that today, but it all kind of pales in comparison to the idea of annihilating my car Michael Bay-style and laying on the oily grass of a median strip.
Tags: holy crap

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