Shen (maniacalshen) wrote,

Notice and life update

Hey, everyone, it's Shengirl, but I've bought a rename token. I've been meaning to do this for ages; the "girl" at the end of my handle had gotten pretty old. I'm 25. >_>

And for the life update -

Omg, since November, it's been like swimming to the far end of a vicious wave pool. Duck under, float over, or get smacked by one hurdle, only to have the next one on top of you before you can breathe. Taking six grad school credits while working full time and maintaining a social life is hard.

Some of you out there have probably done that and are scoffing at me, but I may just be less diligent than you. Though honestly, it was fine until November. Thank all the powers for wrisomifu, which helped me finish a life-ruining take-home midterm, write the fic I foolishly agreed to write for dwsanta, and get headway on the two 12-page papers I had due this month. Then I had a not-as-brutal take-home final, a presentation, a large statistics problem set, a final... Man, screw that final. Ugh, at least it's over. I don't think I did worse than a B in either class, and that's all that matters.

Part of the problem was planning, as this particular juggling act is new to me, but there are things I couldn't have planned for. How could I know that midterm would EAT my week, for example? I meant to work on the papers that week, too!

Finishing the semester on Wednesday was like finally reaching the end of the wave pool, except then some jerk dropped the water level, so climbing OUT of the pool is a trial. That happens to everyone in any phase of university, though. "Oh, boy, no more schoolwo-OH CRAP, CHRISTMAS." I'm long done my buying, but baking and events and other disturbances have kept me from actually sleeping normal human amounts. And this after I had some ridiculous allergic reaction on Wednesday and had to skip out of work to get checked out, get an inhaler, and calm my body down before my final.

So glad we're all going to the bar after work.

On a totally separate note, is anyone else playing The Old Republic? I haven't gotten very far, as you might guess, but I have enjoyed it so far and would like to friend some people if we share servers!

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