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WARNING - OUT OF DATE I WILL UPDATE THIS AT SOME POINT. I think I've amassed enough fic to warrant one of these posts! I've tried to make it comprehensive and organized.

This is a list of all the stories I've written.  That and some artwork are the main purposes of this journal.  However, if you'd like graphics (icons, etc.) or layouts for various shows, please visit the graphics comm I share with saphiralupin              ,

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Fic: Discovery 1/1 (Harry Potter)

Title: Discovery
Author: Shen
Fandom: Harry Potter, MWPP era
Rating: PG-13 or less, I would say
Characters: Remus/Sirius, James
Disclaimer: These characters aren't mine; I'm just toying with them for a while.
Teaser: It's so hard to get any privacy at a boarding school, especially if one's keeping a secret
Author's Note: Almost exactly three years ago, I read some truly horrendous Sirius/Remus fics and decided I could do better.  Posted for my own benefit, mostly, since this is my fanworks journal.


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