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Not Good

I witnessed something crazy today

I turned 25 on Monday. Appropriately enough, things have only gone downhill since then. Work currently feels like it has all the stability of being employed by a pair of Batman villains, and that's raised my anxiety a lot, leaving me in a state of agitation beyond mere distraction. I couldn't even properly enjoy my last drawing class (a noncredit intro course) and resorted to shouting along with extra-loud metal on the way home, taking the longest path so as to prolong the music therapy.

But, you know, things could be worse. Like they are for a girl I encountered earlier.

In brief: I saw a gnarly accident on the highway this morning.

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Other unpleasant stuff happened after that today, but it all kind of pales in comparison to the idea of annihilating my car Michael Bay-style and laying on the oily grass of a median strip.