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Wow. So, hey there. It's been a while. But I've been pretty busy!

Besides the holidays, which bring their own plethora of activities, obligations, and schedule disruptions, my roommate just took a long staycation. This means that he was bored and thus planned a crapton of stuff for us to do. XD As a result of those things, I've been habitually 2-4 days behind on LJ. And it would be awesome if I could go a few weeks without looking at another goddamn board game. Yes, even you, Arkham Horror.

My favorite Christmas present this year was when my parents used some airline credits they have to give my boyfriend and I airfare to Orlando. :D It was awesome. Partially because he's so perfect to travel with, or at least he matches my temperament/puts up with me well. We stayed a mile and change from Universal Resort, so when it wasn't convenient to catch the hotel's free shuttle, we simply walked to or from the parks. The package deal we got included a two-day park pass, plus early admission to Islands of Adventure so we could get the first crack at the new Harry Potter ride.

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It even beats the Spider-Man ride, guys. I HIGHLY recommend that anyone with the opportunity go to Islands of Adventure.

I ended up with a new Spiderman lanyard to wear to work and a Slytherin scarf. :) Oh, one other cool new ride? Universal Studio's Rip Ride Rockit is fast, long, and gives you your own personal soundtrack, timed perfectly for maximum awesome as you ride. Songs like "Bring me to Life" by Evanescence and "Rollin'" by Limp Bizkit build up as you climb the first hill and erupt as you start the first plunge, yelling in your ear as you whip through a building and over the streets of the park. There's more than just rock to choose from, but why would you choose anything else? ;)